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What is cheating?

Cheating is an act by which one gains unfair rewards by breaking the rules/laws. Many people around the world are quite paranoid when it comes to hiring a custom writing assistance company online, to them, it is an act of cheating. But what about those students who do not have the ability to do those assignments on their own? Even if they are going to spend one third of their life trying to write an acceptable assignment, failure would still be experienced by them.

How can a custom research be not labeled as cheating?

One gains reward by continuous effort and toil as well, and when you hire an online research help company, you are not just putting in your money, but your contributions as well while supervising the assignments during the process of completion. As for breaking the rules, this practice is actually considered legal and lawful all across the world as long as the produced work is used as a resource to get the final answers to the research by the students themselves. It is just like using the guides and solved papers that are there for the ease of the students to compare and check the answers by the students on their own. Hence, the essays or papers that are written work as a reference material, for which the students would not need to invest further time in searching endlessly through various reference books and resources.

Students are provided the required material in the concise form of an essay, rather than a lengthy book, which enables them to understand the topic with much ease. Therefore, an authentic writing assistance company does not provide a finished product to any customer nor wishes them to use the provided content as a final product. In case, any client wishes to use the provided research as their final paper, then it would be the sole responsibility of the client, for which the company is not to be questioned.

How the blame put on the research help companies is baseless?

It is generally opinionated that the research help companies are responsible for the spread of plagiarism among students worldwide. Since some of the students may have to earn for their families or go through other illnesses, or feel inept at the English language, these research assistance companies are at their beck and call in such situations. Other than this, due to procrastination, they also look for an easy way out in the form of an alternate assistance from online custom researchers.

How does it work for the students and the professors both?

Many renowned research help companies provide a model and a format for the students to follow when they order from them. This model helps them in editing and planning the structure on which they base their own research or thesis papers.

As the students who are looking for assistance only use the research services twice or thrice throughout their academic career, hence, the learning as well as their future prospects being bright are neither questioned nor compromised. The students that are helped belong to such an age group that the assistance catered to them is not in any way going to render them helpless or would affect the community at large as they are in a better position to know how to fend for themselves. It is actually the responsibility of a writing assistance company to not make the students wholly rely on them as the company also encourages the students to pool in their ideas instead of giving them a finished product. Obviously a nominal fee has to be charged by the companies in exchange for the services catered by their proficient researchers. Therefore, while checking the assignments, even the professors do not find any trace of the trend of copy pasting in the work of their students.

How do the researchers work?

The researchers working for these research assistance companies are already aware of the fact that they are merely providing model answers and drafts to the students, rather than sending final papers. Along with this information, they also know that the student would change the draft as per their requirements and even insert their ideas as well as paraphrase on their own. The researchers are only compensated for the amount of time they invest in researching and drafting a model essay for the students.

Who is benefitted in the end?

With these research services, everyone is benefitted; these services do not just provide employment for the proofreaders and researchers, but even the students get a helping hand as a much needed breath of relief.

Does this mean that this service can be used?

Yes, if one intends to use the service within the boundaries of academics ethics and code of conduct. One must know that the research papers and custom made essays are merely to be used as guidance and must not be passed to the course instructors or professors without a careful assessment. If one wants to benefit from an expert researcher`s experience and knowledge, then they should avail the research assistance services and make use of the exceptional ideas and information in the final work.